Track Traffic And Visitors

How Do I Track Traffic And Visitors To My Website?

There are several tools that you can use to track the traffic to your site, and data about your visitors too. You may not be aware, but if you already have a live website designed, your hosting company may have some basic tracking tools within your cPanel. One of these is called AWStats. Admittedly, it may be very basic data, but it does provide you with some very useful information.

Beyond that, some of the most popular traffic tracking tools are often paid services if you want more detailed information, although some also have a free version that provides the basics. In some cases, the services are free if your traffic levels are below a certain number. Examples of these services include W3Counter and SiteMeter.

The most popular traffic and visitor analytics platform on the internet is Google Analytics. It is a free service and allows you to analyse multiple websites from a single account. The depth and detail of the data Google Analytics provides is excellent and another benefit is it can be linked with Google Ads if you are running PPC marketing campaigns.

Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO Tactics You Must Avoid

No matter what area of business we care to look at, there will always be those who want to take short cuts. In a lot of cases, those short cuts involve tactics that either go completely against the rules or worse, they are illegal.

This is true of SEO trends, where many business owners who wish to boost their rankings have to decide whether to come out on the side of the angel on one shoulder or the devil on the other.

If, unfortunately, it is the devil then what they are considering is known as black hat SEO. These are the actions that have been ruled by the search engines, and Google, in particular, as against the rules.

If they discover a website has been breaking these rules the sanctions range from a lowering of its ranking, through to the website being completely delisted.

When a website has been delisted, it effectively does not exist as far as Google is concerned, and the chances of them ever-changing that stances are low. If they do renege, it will only be after a lot of hard work from the website owner to clean up their website with regards to the black hat tactics which have been used.

One of the problems is that many website owners are not aware of what is black hat and what is white hat. This is complicated further by so-called grey hat SEO, which are tactics that sail close to the edge and might be regarded as ‘sharp’ but not necessarily outlawed.